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Чернівецька загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІст. №25
Головна Реєстрація Вхід
Щоденник заходів з реалізації Програми вивчення та популяризації англійськлї мови з ЗОШ №25 на 2018р »
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The Planet of Friendship and Understanding


We are the children of our dear Mother Planet. We are the young generation and future is in our hands.

    Different colours of our skin, different nationalities and religion can’t separate us. Nothing can destroy our great wish to live happily. Hand in hand, we create a new nation of the future – the Global Nation. We are united by warm hearts, clear souls, thoughts and our Global language - English. It helps us cooperate, understand each other and build the bridge of friendship. Modern society is impossible without the universal language. Each of us can give each other a hand, smile and speak one language that is understood by everybody. Together we have a great power to embrace our Mother Planet, support and help her. We are the young Ukrainian generation who is in the first ranks of the progressive mankind, who feels the responsibility for its happy future. Due to the international language we have a happy chance to transmit and exchange the knowledge of the heritage, culture, traditions of different countries of the world. We have to build the Planet of Friendship where our Ukraine lives, develops and prospers in the neighbourhood of friendly countries.

     A school is a tiny place on the Planet where the knowledge of English is born. It teaches to build a bridge of friendship and understanding. We make our first steps along it, then improve it and build our own language bridge ourselves.

     Being a part of the Universal nation the modern Ukrainian generation should be able to represent our country on the world arena. That’s why the knowledge of English is not overestimated. Let’s unite our efforts to create a modern human community and spread our ideas by means of the universal language. Let’s create the Planet of Universal Nation full of love, friendship and understanding!


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